Yuki Tokyo Behind The Brand

Yuki Tokyo was established in 2007 to create smart and chic womenswear, consisting of simple cuts, asymmetric styles and a unique quirky flair. We caught up with Yuki Tokyo and they were kind enough to answer these questions about their journey so far in the world of fashion.

1) How did Yuki first come about?

Yuki was founded in 2004 by director Karen Hong who took inspiration for the brand from her roots in Korea and Japan.

2) Who are Yuki ‘s target audience?

A Yuki woman is in her 20’s to mid 30’s, she appreciates a quality products at a reasonable price. Her style is classic and chic but with a slight edgyness that sets her apart from the crowd.

3) Is there a signature Yuki style?

Yuki is known for classic cuts with quirky details. Oversized tunics and unusual blouses are Yuki’s signature bestsellers while daywear dresses bring unusual prints and beautiful colours to their ranges.

4) Where do you get your inspirations from when designing a new collection?

Yuki was originally inspired by the Shibuya district in Tokyo where street wear is vibrant and varied. As the brand has grown in London we are inspired more and more by our customers and the vibrancy of London’s own street wear.

5) Which are the stand-out dresses from the new collection?

Yuki’s Back Bow Dress (Beige Pink and Black) has been very successful for the past season, a stunning simple cut the dress is extremely flattering, a feather print and bow detailing bring a touch of cute to an otherwise chic dress.

The Miwa By Yuki Drape Flower Dress is absolutely stunning, a beautiful drape in a floral silk fabric, and the Neapolitan Stripe Dress (in pink and green) is very popular and follows the colour blocking trend.

6) Finally what three words describe Yuki?

Chic, Quirky, Unique