Traffic People Summer Dresses

Traffic People have just released their new collection of summer dresses so why not indulge yourself in floaty silks, and accessories to the max, as it ain’t easy looking this gorgeous!

Traffic People Shades of Summer Bead Dress. Sweet summery mini-dress featuring a series of large beads that run across the top-hem forming shoulder straps. The dress is formed of 2 layers, a delicate chiffon outer and a full-length stretchy lining that lies soft and springy against the skin.

Traffic People Folklore and Flowers Sweet Pea Dress. Asysmmetric mini-dress with a floral-print featuring red flowers and green foliage. The top chiffon layer features ruffles, that fall down from the shoulder, adjustable shoulder strapsa and a free-falling lustrous soft satin lining.

Traffic People Opulant Orchard Kansas Dress. Asymmetric tropical-print mini-dress featuring 2 gorgeous ruffles that glide down from the shoulder and encircle the top-hem. This sunny summer dress also features a soft satin lining that hangs freely underneath and a separate wide sash-belt to tie around the waist.

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