Traffic People Playsuits

The Playsuit is the perfect summer holiday essential for having fun in the sun and relaxing on a tropical beach with a cool drink. Traffic People are well known for their vintage inspired pieces using only the best fabrics.

Traffic People Sahara Sky Beach Suit. Rich silky v-neck beachsuit infused with the pungent aromas of the orient. This playsuit style 1-piece combines a top fastened with a button at the back, shorts and an elasticated waistband.

Traffic People The Follies Playsuit. As part of Traffic People’s best selling line, this cute little playsuit combines a v-neck top and shorts created from a stretchy rayon material that lies softly against the body. Added features include an elasticated waist, 2 front pockets on the shorts and small straps with which you can button up the sides of the shorts and sleeves.

Traffic People Cocktails and Infidelity Playsuit. With a dangerously plunging neckline and cute little shorts, this playsuit, as featured in this March’s Cosmo, looks forward to the playful season ahead. A snug and cosy fit is ensured with an elasticated waist and a stretchy satin lining inside the shorts. Also features 2 small pockets on the shorts, internal straps to optionally hitch up the sides of the shorts and sleeves, and a softly glimmering material that will cast a satin-sheen over your summer evenings.

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