The Vestry AW11 Interview

As see in LOOK, MORE, Closer, and Grazia fashion magazines, The Vestry is a women’s fashion boutique that offers the hottest catwalk fashion and the latest trends at affordable prices. The vestry were kind enough to discuss their new Autumn collection.

Where did the inspiration come from for the new AW11 collection?

Our Autumn Winter range is inspired by the latest trends hot off the catwalk and most importantly hot off the celebrity styles. As we know celebrities are the ‘thumbs up’ of fashion and we have taken a blend of catwalk style and celebrity approvals to bring a stunning collection for this Autumn Winter

Does the new collection follow any trends?

The hot trends we see coming is the fur, lace and animal trends combined with glitter and pads, shoulder pads that is! Once again one shoulder style continues to prevail and who’d expect any different, its sexy and sophisticated.

Is there one stand-out dress in the new range?

For us the Slash Neck Lace Dress and the lace selection stand out as always.

Does the new collection have any surprises?

Shoulder pads, that’s the big surprise for us. With the likes of Lady GaGa really pushing the limits of fashion on the commercial stage and to the masses we see a lot of that appearing and shoulder pads returning is the surprise we’d tip for any fashion seeking junkie.

Shop the new collection at The Vestry now.