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La Dress Interview

Everyone aspires to have the perfect dress for those special occasions in life, and this is the philosophy behind LaDress, and they have kindly agreed to be featured in our series of Behind The Brand interviews.

1. What makes your brand stand-out from your competitors?

I don’t really focus on competitors, LaDress is LaDress. Each dress we make with a lot of devotion, love and I try on each dress myself. We have beautiful fabrics, work with a great studio and a very good pattern maker who practice their jobs like a true craft. At the end of the day I hope our customers recognize this in our dresses. Next to that we try to create classic, timeless and endlessly versatile dresses, which suit every woman and are perfect for any occasion. We sell our dresses exclusively online, so wherever you are -worldwide- you can order your LaDress at any time. Since we are only found online we provide our customers with excellent and personal service. With any kind of question you can call or e-mail us, we will always provide you with an answer. I think when selling your products over the internet you should provide your customers with a more than excellent return and exchange policy. So if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for free and for a full refund.

LaDress Isabel

2. Where do you get your inspiration from when creating a new collection?

I admire women who embrace life. Who live their life like they want to live it and are passionate about it. Those women radiate happiness and confidence. That is what I believe is beautiful in women. They look good no matter how they dress themselves. These women inspire me to create the perfect dress for them.

3. Which do you think is your stand-out piece of the current collection?

I love our pencil dresses. I still can’t choose what my favorite is. We have some new leather pencil dresses coming up in great colors. They will be absolutely stunning.

LaDress Vivien

4. Are you excited about 2011 and the new SS11 collection?

New years and new beginnings are always exciting. At LaDress we don’t work with collections though. We try to create timeless and ageless dresses, investment pieces, which will stay beautiful in the years to come.

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