Acne Dresses

Top Swedish lifestyle brand Acne was established in 1998 offering a collection of subtle luxury and understated pieces. Acne have just released their new Spring/Summer collection of dresses.

Acne Nymph Silk Dress

Acne Nymph Silk Dress. Silk dress Nymph Silk features a u-neck and a racerback that leads into an exposed front and back zipper. Zip pullers are detailed with long partially braided, wetsuit inspired straps. Front zipper runs from neck to waist, while the back zipper runs from hem to hem.

Acne Naia Tattoo Dress

Acne Naia Tattoo Dress. Short tattoo print dress with braided back strap. Naia Tattoo features a scooped U-neck and pleats at front. A detachable leather string at waist ties the front and leaves the back loose and drapy.

Acne Tarot Tencel Dress

Acne Tarot Tencel Dress. Long, jersey tank dress with thin spaghetti straps. The straps, neckline, armholes, and low back are finished with binding.

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